Physics Laboratory

Physics is known as the most fundamental science subject. It is concerned with the basic principles of the universe. It is one of the foundation on Which the other physical science (astronomy, chemistry and geology.) Are based. The beauty of physics lies in the simplicity of It’s fundamental theories and in a way just a small number of basic concepts, equations and assumption can alter and expand our view of the world.The myriad physical phenomenon in our world today are part of one or more of the following five areas of physics;
Mechanics: Which is concerned with the effects of forces on material objects
Thermodynamic: Which deals with heat temperature and the behavior of large numbers of particles
Electromagnetism: Which deals with charges, current and electromagnetic fields
Relativity: a theory that describe particles moving at any speed and connect space and time.
Quantum mechanics: a theory dealing with the behavior of particles at the sub microscopic as well as the microscopic world.

The main objective of the physics department of beacon light high school is to train and equip science students with basic fundamental knowledge of physics (theory and practical ), to enhance their mental reasoning and ability to discover new ideas for modern inventions.In other to achieve these objectives, the following has been put in place, Highly experienced, qualified and disciplined physics teachers.Spacious, air conditioned and well equipped physics laboratory.Standby generator for constant power supply.Well equipped e-library with internet facilities,AC buses for field trips / excursions. Etc.We have also established JETS club as one of the curricular activities in the school, in other to enable us instill in the students the confidence of learning and applying the principles of physics for practical inventions.Our future target include involving the student in physics exhibitions, researches and physics based trips (excursion). Our passion is to build the foundation of great physicist, engineers and technologists for the next generation. For with God it is possible.