Chemistry Laboratory

The laboratory is a place where experiments and scientific research is being carried out. The establishment of a standard laboratory in Beacon Light High school for the science students is a modern laboratory that meets the standard of the leading schools in the entire diaspora. We are able to carry out various kind of experiments in the field of chemistry like volumetric and qualitative analysis of different compounds as a result of adequate facilities and a conducive environment for performing experiments. The school school also possesses facilities like the latest digital weighing balance in weighing salt samples for qualitative works, atomic and for constructing structure of the atom and for construction of other modern equipment that enhances theoretical study. Due to the challenges faced by most Students of chemistry in practical examination for the students that will help boost their confidence in any external practical examinations like the WAEC,GCE and even to their tertiary level.
In conclusion, Beacon Light High school is a place where your wards can receive the best qualitative education both theoretical and practical wise in the field of chemistry