Biology Laboratory

Our biology laboratory is a well equipped room designed for research,experimentation and analysis. The establishment of a this laboratory in beacon Light school for our science students is to meet with the standards of modern times and leading schools in the entire state.
We carry out various biological experiment and analysis such as foods test, population sampling,microscopy of biological specimens and samples etc.Using different biological reagents such as Fehlings solutions,iodine solution,leichinanne reagent,formalin,ethanol etc.This has been made possible as a result of adequate funding of facilities and enabling environment for performing experiments such as autoclave,incubator,microscope,hand-lens etc which also aid biological experimentation in the laboratory.
As a result of the challenges faced by most students in biology especially in practical work, Beacon Light high school has designed a regular biology practical classes,mock tests and examinations for students in order  to help boost their confidence in both internal and external biology practical examinations.This also is to enable them emerge the best in external examinations such as WAEC,NECO,GCE,UTME and POST-TERTIARY education level.Beacon Light high school is aplace where your children and wards can receive excellent academic discipline in biology and in all other courses so as a to emerge the best in their chosen field of study.