April 15, 2021
April 24, 2021
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Dear esteemed parents,

We are blessing the name of the Lord for bringing us successfully to the end of this Lent term. We are equally appreciating our dear parents for their patronage and commitment towards their ward’s educational development. Please accept our greetings and love for keeping faith with us in this challenging moments.

We are living in a period that most of us never experienced before. We pray that God brings normality back and that he continues to protect and keep us safe.

Extra Curricular Activity

Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, our extracurricular activity this term was quite limited but we still took the opportunity to have Assembly presentations per class on different careers.

Curricular Activity

Our very able and qualified teachers worked very hard to ensure that not only the learning for the term was covered but that gaps created by the Covid period were tirelessly worked on. At this point we would like to encourage parents to ensure that homeworks are done when sent home; most especially also, that books are returned intact. There are some pupils who were called out continually for not getting home-work done, we will like to remind parents that it takes the home and the school for a child to succeed academically, and scores are allocated for home-work on the end of terms. 

Dress Code

A very few number of our Nursery parents especially the very young ones keep defaulting in the area of hair styles. We encourage them to keep to school rules thereby without needing to say it our children understand that school rules are important and they can grow to be better adults and leaders.

So do note the following on dressing 

  • Pupils can only wear their hair 
    • No braids with attachment 
    • No colours attached to hair 
    • Beads of any colour should be avoided 
  • School shoes: for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are black flat sensible shoes preferably with Velcro strap for easy handling by children not ankle boots.
  • White trainers or canvas on Wednesdays and Fridays  


Our uniforms are our identity; neatness and decent dressing are our aim. Therefore, uniforms should be only those bought from the school shop and if short or tardy, they should be replaced. Very short and old uniforms usually embarrass our pupils. The Yellow regular shirt with Grey pinafore or Grey shorts with black shoes should are to be worn on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Sport Wear

Sport wear is worn only on Wednesday with white canvas.

Our two sets of sports-wear are worn interchangeably weekly with white canvas. Please don’t mix the uniforms up.  

Friday wear

Our Yellow T-shirt with white collar is worn on Friday with dark blue jeans skirt or trouser not shorts and white canvas.

Lent Term Examination and Result

The term has ended on a sound footing with our examination that was conducted in a conducive and relaxed atmosphere.

Teachers will be working on the compilation of results whilst pupils are at home. You will be informed on Whatsapp when you should check Edves for your child’s result; email links to the result will be sent to you, by edves to the delicated number on edves.

Entrance Exams into Colleges

There will be no common entrance lessons during this holiday. For every child who would choose our school as their first choice of school, Beacon Light High School has entrance examinations on every second Saturday of the month. The next entrance examination will be on the 8th of May.

Please help us spread this information.

Trinity Term


The PTA is looking forwards to a physical meeting next term. Presently, there are a couple of officials who are no longer members of the exco; this has left their offices vacant. So one of the major purpose for the meeting next term would be to have elections.

The chairman also believes it is time he steps down and hands over to a new crop of dynamic parents. Although he has enjoyed the opportunity to serve at this capacity, he believes someone who is still a parent at Beacon Light School should take the challenge to take PTA to the next level.

So our next dynamic team we are looking for you.

After School Club

After school club slips were given during the term Please ensure that your ward belongs to a club as teachers are assigned to clubs on Friday from 12noon and do not have to man classes but “clubs” during this period.


Dress code for Nursery 2

Girls ———- baby pink dress and white shoes

Boys ———- black suit, white shirt and a baby pink bow tie with a baby pink rose and black shoes.

Dress code for Primary 6

Girls ———– Red dress and black shoes

Boys ———– black suit, red shirt, black tie and black shoes

School Choir

We have raised a school choir from the midst of our very talented children and we will be sending home songs for the pupils to learn through your Whatsapp; please ensure that they practice the song during the holidays.

God bless you for helping

Class Placement

From next session 2021/2022, placement into class arms will be based on proficiency in Mathematics.

Resolving Conflicts

Too many children give in to the use of the fist or harmful objects when angered or annoyed without considering the consequences of their actions.

In school we have been speaking to the pupils on the format for resolving conflicts. Some of which we would enumerate here.

  • Dialogue 
  • Refuse to use force or foul language
  • Report to someone in authority like a teacher, who can intervene and solve the issue. We therefore appeal to you to please have a talk with our pupils; your children.

They should be aware that using the fist or harmful objects on other children could lead to very bad injury and even death; and that they can be held liable.

Please point them to better ways of dealing with annoying situations and how to manage their anger.

Pick Up Time

Learning ends for all Nursery Pupils starting from 1pm – 2pm. Primary section ends by 3pm. All teaching and Admin staff leaves the school between 3:30pm – 4pm.

Parents are liable for any adverse event or outcome if children are left beyond 4pm.

Please note that beyond 4pm, only security personnel and drivers will be in the school, and they are males and are not mandated to take care of our pupils. Please protect your children by picking them up before 4pm.


We look forward to next term with great expectation and fantastic goals that would project better improvement. The school resumes learning on 4th of May 2021.